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    Do you often forget where you left the car after a night out? Do you leave your car in so many different places that you do not know which one was the last?

    With BlueCarLocator easily find your vehicle without any effort, thanks to its clever way of getting the position.

    You only need to connect your Android mobile phone to your car's hands free!

    Simple Holo interface

    BlueCarLocator's interface is extremely simple, showing only the essential elements to locate your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

    0 efforts

    With the bluetooth technology included in your handsfree and smarthpone, we can detect when you park your car and collect the position at that time without you doing anything.

    Unlimited devices

    Stores the position of as many devices / vehicles as you like. The application will detect the position of each of them and you will find them all (one app to rule them all :)).

    Street View

    By clicking on each of the saved positions you will redirected to Google Street View to make it even easier to locate your car.


    If you encounter any error on the app, please, notify it before posting a bad rate on Google Play.

    Thank you!

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