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    btCrawler is the perfect tool to find other bluetooth devices and their services. It can be useful during a pentest or ethical hacking.

    This tool can scan for surrounding visible bluetooth devices. It shows the device type, supported services and the signal strength. It can also be used to locate a device based on the signal strength. Devices like Headsets are usually only visible during the pairing phase. Thus you might not be able to track your lost headset even if it is still connected.

    *** PLEASE NOTE: Devices with Android below 4.3 can not be supported by the new features. You will receive the last working version before the changes. Any other device with Android 4.3 or higher will receive the new features like new UI and LE scanning. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused by the last updates. ***

    - Support for Bluetooth LE scanning (including LE attributes and characterstics)
    - Database support. All scanned devices are now stored in a database and can be reviewed. Stored data includes the time a device is first seen and when it was last seen.
    - List currently paired devices
    - Scan for visible devices
    - Shows Device Name, BDADDR (like MAC), Class of Device, Vendor and Signal Strength
    - Query SDP services from devices
    - Query Bluetooth LE attributes and characteristics
    - Pair / Unpair to devices

    The Database can be exported to a csv file on the external storage. Filename is: btcrawler-.csv
    Example: /mnt/sdcard/btCrawler-01-09-2013.csv

    The csv has the following order: Device Name, Device Address, Class of Device, Pairing Status, Last Signal Strength, First Time Seen, Last Time Seen, Vendor.

    The Database can also be wiped. For both functions hit the menu button.

    Over the time I will add more features as I find more ways to mangle the API a bit more.

    (People call btCrawler often also: BluetoothScanner, Bluetooth Scanner, Bluetooth Sniffer, BluetoothSniffer, Bluetooth Wardriving, Bluetooth Diagnostic, Bluetooth Tool)

    Act responsible like a hacker, not like a cracker or skiddie!

    Graphics from Mainly from OCAL, thanks!

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