Bluetwo Stalker Detector

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    Bluetwo Stalker Detector

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    Every day thousands of people are stalked, mostly by former partners. This app makes it possible to detect such behavior in the case where the stalker is carrying a bluetooth enabled device and GPS signals are available.

    By combining bluetooth and GPS it is possible to detect devices that are not only near you, but near you at different locations - which could mean that they are following you.

    It is up to you, to decide if the listed devices are carried by a stalker or not. Someone can follow you without necessarily stalking you, for example by coincidentally being on the same bus as you.

    Also the app only finds bluetooth addresses, such as 00:11:22:33:44:55, and bluetooth names, such as My Phone or John Doe, and it might not be possible to connect this information to the identity of a person.
    In any case, such information can be useful, for example to warn you when the stalker is near.

    Even though this app specializes in detecting stalkers, it can also be used as a normal bluetooth scanner.

    The app doesn't collect any user information or show adds.

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