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    BoilerFE can help run a quick preliminary audit on water tube industrial boilers. Users can select to run different types of fuels such as coal, oil and gases with specific compositions and heating values. The combustion model computes the efficiency and displays the heat balance sheet as well as flue gas analysis and stoichiometry of the combustion process. In this version users can create and save as many boiler application data and save it in a file with unique titles for monitoring and review. Thus it would also help in performance analysis of different grade fuels used for the same application and become a valuable tool for all energy engineers and auditors in assessing the potential savings as well as to identify areas for improvement.

    Coal, Natural gas, Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Furnace Oil#1, Furnace Oil#2, Furnace Oil#3, Furnace Oil#4, Furnace Oil#5, Furnace Oil#6, Diesel (HSD), Kerosene, LSHS, LPG.

    By default, App uses a generic Coal fired in an industrial boiler that can be edited for more specific type and compositions. The screen shots displays this example with results on heat balance sheet, exhaust gas analysis and stoichiometry. A brief description of the computation model used in this app is also provided in App notes for reference.

    Boiler Specification and inputs:
    Users can conveniently choose either SI or USCS unit standards for data input. The home screen covers the main boiler specification data and separate screens are provided to edit other Input such as airflow, type of fuel and feed rates as shown in the screen shots.

    Besides computation of boiler efficiency using direct method, app provides the following results as shown in the screen shots.
    1.Heat balance sheet
    2.Flue gas analysis

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