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    The Brahmi Hindi Keyboard App is the easiest way to type in Hindi. If you know the Hindi alphabet, you can use it, immediately. Select the Brahmi Hindi Keyboard from the Android Keyboard Selector and begin!

    How to to use the Brahmi App?

    Three simple rules:
    1. The Brahmi keypad mimics the way the Hindi alphabet (Varnamala) is taught. The Vowels are on the top row. The Varg consonants are below, in sets of five, e.g., क ख ग घ ङ followed by the non-Varg consonants य र ल ... ह ।

    2. Use "Shift key" to get Vowel signs. "Shift key" are on either side of the keypad, e.g., Shift + इ = ि, so क + Shift + इ = कि

    3. Join consonants with the Halant (्) key on either side of the keypad, e.g., च + ् + छ = च्छ

    How many Keyboards are there?

    There are four virtual keyboards - Normal, Shifted, Numeric and Numeric Shifted.

    Vowels, Consonants and commonly used characters, e.g., Nukta ़, Chandrabindu ँ, etc., are on the Normal and the "Shifted" Keyboard.

    Consonantal Conjuncts, i.e., द्य श्र प्र त्र क्ष ज्ञ are on the Numeric Keyboard. Hindi numerals and less commonly used characters are on the "Shifted" Numeric Keyboard.

    Is my tablet/phone supported?

    The Brahmi App supports IceCreamSandwich and Jellybean versions of Android. It runs on most Android 7' and 10' tablets and Android smart phones 4.8' (easiest in landscape mode).

    Some no-name devices may show imperfect rendering. Here the Android software may be improperly configured for Indian languages. Please contact your vendor for a fix. Note, the problem is local in your device - your Hindi email, Facebook posts, blogs and tweets will appear normal to others.

    How to to find out if my device supports Hindi rendering?

    Please open a Hindi web page, e.g., wikipedia on your tablet and check before purchase. If you can see the Hindi rendered correctly, your device is supported. Correct rendering example: क्ष instead of क‍‍्ष

    The Brahmi Keypad/Keyboard is protected by US Patents 7,414,616, & 7,420,543 and Indian Patent 230234.

    Brahmi Android Application developed and supported by Sen-Sei Tech.

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