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    Bread Timer is a little app that I wrote to scratch an itch. We have a bread maker, and we kept making mistakes setting the timer. The timer is supposed to be simple-- you enter in how long from now the bread should be done, and it starts at the right time to get the bread done by then.

    Unfortunately, we usually time our bread overnight, and our bread maker really makes the best bread when we take it out 14 minutes before it thinks the bread is finished. We time our bread overnight usually, and figuring out how many hours and minutes from 9:17 PM until the display will show 14 minutes remaining at 7:00 AM was tricky. The math isn't terribly hard, but it's error prone. If you subtract when you were supposed to add, or if the hours roll over wrong, then you're either left with overdone bread when you expected it, or else the bread is still dough when you need to run out the door to go to work. Neither outcome is desirable.

    This is where the Bread Timer app comes in. You simply enter the time you want the bread to be done, and the app will calculate how many hours/minutes you should set the bread timer to.

    Feedback or suggestions are welcome, contact me at Thanks all, and hope you end up with good bread!

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