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    The Brew Timer is for brewers, professional and amateur alike, who need a better way to keep track of their brew during the brew day. The application allows the brewer to create individual entries for the timing of different brewing events like the addition of hops, spices, a wort chiller, etc. These events can also include a post-boil steeping time, allowing brewers to keep track of additional lengths of time after the boil ends. These events can be grouped together as a Brew Session and can be saved to device memory in a Recipe Profile that can then be loaded when needed for future use. Each Recipe Profile contains all the events needed for a complete brew session.

    Brew Timer Features:
    - Create, save, load, and delete multiple Recipe Profiles.
    - Each Recipe Profile can contain events for all timed brewing processes.
    - The Brew Timer can sound a user selected alarm and/or vibrate when an event needs your attention.
    - Events can be added, edited, or removed while the the timer is running in case a modification needs to be made on the fly.
    - Color-coding of individual event entry’s remaining time lets you quickly determine how soon an event will trigger.
    - The Brew Timer can be paused and resumed at any time.

    The Brew Timer is also great for timing coffee roasting, baking or anything else you may need to keep track of multiple timing events.

    Is there something you would like to see in The Brew Timer? I have a list of other desired features that other brewers have emailed me, send me an email and tell me what you want! (

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