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    Brief Screen Lock

    Sometimes you need the screen of your mobile phone to be locked immediately. However, it locks automatically at least 5 seconds and this may take you some trouble. You have to wait it locking automatically or press the power key to lock the screen. This wastes your time or destroys your power key. How can you solve this problem?

    Brief Screen Lock can give you a hand. Only moving one of your fingers can lock your mobile phone screen immediately. In addition, this app is completely free. I think it is necessary to introduce it in a detailed way.

    1. The advantage of Brief Screen Lock is as its name, it is rather simple and brief. I just said above that only one of your fingers is enough. After you installed this app, you just click its icon in your mobile phone; the screen is locked without button.

    2. The unlock way is very easy, too. You just slide your finger on the screen in a special place and I believe that you know that place.

    3. If you use other screen lock app, you will find that after you lock the screen, you will know nothing about your phone. If you want to know the time, you have to unlock the screen, it is inconvenient just for the time. This lock will appear the time on screen so that you need not to unlock the screen when you need to know time.

    4. If you want a screen lock to have more functions, please let me know the function. If you would like to support this lock, please give it five stars.

    Using power button lock your mobile phone is inconvenient and wearing out it. Waiting the screen to lock itself is not a good choice. Brief Screen Lock is easy, simple and convenient. Only a click on its icon can lock your screen. Besides, it still can show you the time after you lock the screen.

    I hope this

    You should download it without hesitation.

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