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    *** Root required! ***

    Are you disappointed with your phone's auto-brightness feature? Is the display always either too bright or too dim for you? If you have a rooted device with a light sensor, you can now customize the brightness levels to your preferences!

    Brightness Manager runs in the background as a service. It monitors the current light level and adjusts the screen brightness according to your preferences. It is similar to the built-in auto-brightness feature, except the brightness levels are customizable!

    Is your screen too bright even at its lowest setting? Brightness Manager can dim the screen beyond the minimum screen brightness! It does this by creating a translucent full-screen overlay. By adjusting the overlay's opacity, the screen can be dimmed all the way to total darkness (don't worry, there is a configurable minimum value to prevent this)! If your device has an AMOLED display, the overlay will further reduce battery usage!

    Brightness Manager can also disable the screen timeout while charging. Once power is disconnected, the original timeout will be restored. This is better than the "Stay awake" development option, since the screen will no longer dim.

    Using Brightness Manager is simple. Whenever the display is too bright or too dim, just open Brightness Manager and drag the slider bar to the desired brightness. Brightness Manager will remember the setting you chose for the current lighting condition.

    If you haven't set up a specific brightness level for the current lighting condition, then Brightness Manager will guess the desired brightness level by interpolating the preferences you set for darker and brighter lighting conditions. There are even preferences you can set to control the dim and bright speeds, as well as when to allow the screen to dim.

    You can create shortcuts on your home screen to enable Manual Override mode, where you can specify a specific brightness level to maintain. These allow you to have quick access to specific brightness levels, for times when you want to maintain a constant brightness.

    Please notify me if your device is not supported. I will work with you to get it working!

    If you have having issues with high battery usage (or any other problems), please let me know, so I can work with you to fix it! Typical battery usage should be less than 3%.

    Don't worry about the 15-minute refund window. Try it out for a few days, and if you're not happy, contact me for a full refund!

    Explanation of permissions:
    WRITE_SETTINGS - updates the system brightness value
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - used during patching, and to import/export brightness curve
    SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - used for the darkness filter, to add a full-screen overlay
    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - starts the service automatically after a boot
    READ_LOGS - monitors for the installer/SuperSU app, to disable the darkness filter when it is running (the installer will disable the Install button if there's an overlay on the screen)

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