Brigitel continuously measures, evaluates and helps Improve Mobile Connection Experience, for both WiFi and Cellular connections.

    A well optimised power consumption in default settings guarantees a less than 5% battery consumption - once you install the app you can easily check this on your own phone.

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    Our mission is to make mobile Internet experience a little better for all parts: mobile phone users, mobile operators, phone manufacturers and not least WiFi providers – that is smooth and fast connection, with minimum effort from user side!

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    Overview Page

    At a glance you will see in your display a useful set of parameters, like:

    - Received Signal strength
    - Serving Cell ID
    - Network Type
    - WiFi Connection
    - Lat & Long Coordinates
    - Battery Level, in %
    - Estimated Time until battery completely empty
    - Estimated Time remaining until battery fully charged
    - Average Ground Speed, in KMph

    Note: the estimated time to full charge/discharge might vary up and down; this is normal, because the power consumed by the phone also changes, even when user does not make any interactions.

    Service Alert

    The App detects and notifies user when the phone has lost connection with the cellular network. Usually if user moves the phone with few meters, chances are the coverage will be available again – but not always.
    This way, you will rarely or never miss call due to accidentally slipping out of coverage!
    In addition, user can at his wil, switch the service alerts “On” and “Off” by tapping on the “Service Alert” at the bottom of the page. A green indicator will be active when the service alert is “On”

    WiFi Page

    In the WiFi Page the detected WiFi networks are measured and displayed. User can quickly check whether the channel of his selected WiFi network is interfered by other nearby WiFi networks.

    Details shown are:

    - SSID, which is the WiFi network name
    - Channel for which the WiFi
    - Received Signal Strength for each channel

    By clicking on WiFi networks, users will see additional information, like:

    - BSSID
    - Encryption method
    - Router Capabilities
    - Frequency

    Map page

    Shows the last 20 positions measured as coloured circles:

    - Blue: Current map position
    - Green: Excellent Coverage (Signal Strength above -65dBm)
    - Light green: Good Coverage (Signal Strength between -75dBm and -65dBm)
    - Yellow: Medium Coverage (Signal Strength between -85dBm and -75dBm)
    - Orange: Poor Coverage (Signal Strength between -105dBm and -85dBm)
    - Red: No Coverage (Signal Strength below -105dBm)

    By clicking on a circle, users can see the exact value of the signal strength in the respective point.

    Neighbours Page

    The Neighbours Page refers to the neighbouring cells of the cellular network. The details displayed are:

    - Type of neighbour (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, etc)
    - PSC for UMTS
    - Cell ID & LAC for GSM, GPRS, EDGE
    - Received Signal Strength

    Back-End Analysis

    Further on, using crowd-sourcing techniques, the back-end statistically analyses those parameters collected anonymously, and create coverage and performance reports for mobile network operators across the globe. Please do invite other friends to install the App, the more of us the more accurate the statistics will be!

    Please see here a Coverage Statistics Report:

    Also, a proof-of-concept map can be seen here:

    We will highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions at

    Please remember to invite other friendly-users to install our App, we will highly appreciate you spreading the word!

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