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    Notice: I am currently working on a new version for this app to work on any rom! So please, if it doesn't work like it should: contact me.

    - What is this tool used for? -

    !Root and Busybox required!

    This tool allows you to modify your build.prop file easily on your device. It also features a variety of descriptions for the properties:

    - recommended values
    - a proper description
    - a recommended keyboard layout

    A great tool for both: beginners and advanced users. On application start you'll get asked to create a backup of your current build.prop file (only for the first start), after that, you'll get a list of properties of your build.prop file which can be modified, deleted, updated. You can also add custom properties or already described ones.

    If you're unhappy with your modifications, you can restore your backup.

    Another function is that each property can be stored in the file only once, so you don’t have to struggle with eventual occurring system conflicts, unexpected behavior, etc.

    I've implemented a Restart button in the menu for the fact that the file is loaded only once at boot up.

    The most common tweaks / properties are described so take a look at them :)

    - What is the build.prop file used for? -
    Android makes use of the build.prop file to store device specific information. It varies from rom specific information like the build.version to the product model or to the screen density and much more.

    - SU prerequisite -
    This application makes heavy use of the super user account. In order to work as it should, it's a prerequisite.

    - Descriptors -
    I've created these because everyone who's interested in this should be able to know what he's doing. However, they aren't as much descriptors as properties so if you're interested in helping me out, contact me:

    Twitter: android_owl

    - misc. -

    You're also welcome to join me on twitter or donate a bit :)

    - Update -
    I've released this software in beta stage to show off it functionalities. Of course there are bugs included in such an release so why do you downvote instead of notice the bug to me? That's not really fair.

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