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    This is for BulletFlight L1. There are also Level-2 and M (BulletFlight Military) versions of this app. Level-2 adds a full calculation screen where you may enter exact range and atmospheric details, the ability to generate a range-card, cosine-angle calculation, GPS functionality to get your location and download local weather information, a mil-dot range estimation feature, and the ability to use non-standard weather conditions in the calculation. Further, Level-2 and above shows impact energy, velocity, and flight time - but only on the full-calculation screen or range-card.

    BulletFlight Level-M (Military) version further adds the ability to calculate an actual BC based on bullet drop, two velocities, or flight time. The ability to calculate bullet stability. Bullet spin drift is added to the computation, and the Coriolis effect (Earth’s rotation) may be factored in.

    Knight's Armament BulletFlight L1 is a ballistic computer that provides quick solutions in the field. BulletFlight does not output information in table format but rather dynamically gives you the solution you need now to make that shot. The app provides detailed solutions out to 3000 meters. Your weapon profile includes your scope MOA/mRad per click, and hence when you provide a range to the target, the app will simply show how many clicks you need to change the scope by for that range and wind speed.

    Up to five ballistic coefficients with corresponding velocity thresholds may be used for each profile to enhance accuracy, or use a single G1, G7, or G8 value.

    Several built-in profiles for the Army's M110 semi-automatic precision rifle, the 14.5 inch SR16 rifle, The 50 BMG M107, .308 M40A3, .308 M24, and the 6.5mm KAC PDW allow you to get started quickly. You may alter these profiles, or add new ones.

    This app is currently in combat use by military snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Built-in profiles for common military rifles, but easily add more custom profiles.
    Accurate bullet database with most major brands.
    3000 meters range (2000 using simple screen).
    Fast and accurate ballistic computation using G1, G7, or G8 ballistic coefficients.
    Easy to use interface yet powerful and full featured. All relevant data on screen all at once.
    User interface designed to minimize chance of input errors.
    "Simple Screen" with distance wheel.
    Output in inches, cm, MOA, Mils, and scope clicks.
    Option for Metric units. In most cases imperial and metric are visible at the same time.
    Direct input for scopes with either MOA or mRad metric input (such as Schmidt & Bender).
    Calculates 360 degree wind drift using either degree or O'Clock format input.
    Wind speed may be specified in either miles-per-hour or meters-per-second.
    Sight-in weather may be logged and stored for automatic normalization to standard conditions. So you may sight in at any temperature or altitude and later be accurate at any other temperature or altitude.
    Built-in help screen.

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    Also available for iPhone.

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