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    NOTE: CA Auth ID is the new name of the former CA ArcotID PKI app.

    The CA Auth ID App provides 2-factor strong authentication using your mobile device. Online sites using CA Auth ID authentication provide better logon security using something you’re already carrying, your mobile device. Using the CA Auth ID App is as simple as entering a password, and a lot more secure.

    How does it work?

    To access your favorite site or network, you first get a CA Auth ID soft token from that site. Your CA Auth ID soft token is unique to you and to the site you are accessing. When you enter your password, the CA Auth ID app combines your password with the CA Auth ID soft token on the mobile device to generate a identification certificate and sends it automatically to the site for verification. Your password is not stored on the mobile device, nor is it transmitted to the web portal.

    A fraudster cannot access your accounts with just your password or just your mobile device. Even if you lose your mobile device, the attacker cannot brute-forece attack the password. The CA Auth ID soft token can be used to securely access your online banking accounts, personal Web sites, corporate VPNs or anywhere that you typically use a password.

    Why is it secure?

    Each user account gets a CA Auth ID soft token. The CA Auth ID soft token contains PKI-based cryptographic keys used to securely authenticate you to an online site. CA Technology’s patented technology protects these keys so that an attacker cannot use them, even if he gets your mobile device.

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