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    Experience "Moe" with "Calculator girl" NOW! *"Moe" is the Japanese slang expression denoting the romantic feeling one has towards imaginary characters.
    Calculation become more enjoyable! More energy to your work!?

    This is the app that you can enjoy calculation with "Nayuta"(Moe Girl!).
    Simple calculation work may turn to the most enjoyable work!

    Basic functions of "Calculator girl" is Nayuta to say the numbers. As you press the number Nayuta says the number and the calculation result with her cute voice (*Japanese language only).
    There is more to enjoy as the animation effect etc while calculation.

    A high school student who enjoys the math and also a member of a drama club.

    【Basic function】
    Calculation and Nayuta to say the number
    Four-function calculation up to 10 digit. Voice of Nayuta.

    【Panic Mode】
    When your boss or anyone that you do not want to show the calculation with Nayuta, please press "Panic mode"which turns app to normal calculator!!!

    model: Since OS Android 2.3

    As you buy one costume for Nayuta in the app, ad will not be displayed for certain period.
    As you buy more than two costumes, no ad will be displayed at all.

    Our English twitter account: althi_Inc
    You'll get new game info and may get back ground story from our developers…
    Please follow us and tell us your opinion and idea!

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