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    Calculator-all is a small scientific and syntactic calculator which allow yu to compute and draw différents functions type easily! Calculator-all is very simple to use and have almost usuals functions on one screen
    Calculator-all include a simple calculator, a graphic drawer and a Matrix computer(ex: +,-,*,/ ,transpose, triangularisation..).
    if you have some problems please read 'How to use'

    usuals functions:
    log(): decimal logarithm
    ln(): neperian logarithm
    e^(): exponential, eleur value
    sqrt(): sqrt
    fact(): factorial (also use '!')
    a^b: power
    sin(): sine
    cos(): cosine
    tan(): tangent
    asin(): Reciprocal Sine
    acos(): Reciprocal Cosine
    atan(): Reciprocal tangent
    snh(): hyperbolic sinus
    csh(): hyperbolic cosinus
    tgh(): hyperbolic tangent
    abs(): absolute value
    dgr(): a degree value(press d)
    rad(): radian value (press'r')
    C[a;b]: combination ex: C[2;4]=6
    A[a;b]: Arrengement ex: A[2;4]=12
    B(): Convert decimel to binary
    D(): convert binary to decimal
    tr(): Matrix transpose
    tgl(): Matrix triangularisation
    det(): Matrix determinant
    fract(): get irreductible fraction (LongClik on ')')
    ans: the last result
    rnd: a randum number
    %v=val initialize variable v = val
    Gauss([M1];[M2]) resolve equations systems expl:Gauss([1,2;3,4];[1;3]) read how to use(all equations types)
    Kutta(y'(t);step;inf;sup;y(0);acc) resolve differentials equations with Range Kutta Method expl: Kutta(2y-2t;0.1;0.2;0.5;0.6;3) read how to use
    root[] to have polynomial roots ex: 3x^2+x-2=0 just write root[3;1;-2] more informations please read how to use

    NB1: when you start calculator-all, to have Menu Items, just press Android natural options button (important)

    NB2: acos, atan,asin can be writed with Android Keyboard or Calculator-all keyboard.(first time press button 'a',second time, press the function. ex:'a'>'sin' )

    ->if yu have some suggestions or established some ERRORs please notify me to

    at the beginning, I have make this soft for my own school's use but now it is your
    Made by the TtjSoft.....(Toukea) contact:, dn't hésitate!

    School is easy with Android!

    thx Google for this OS

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