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    Have you ever forgot to silence you mobile phone during a meeting ,lecture ,sleep time or a movie ?
    Or if you remembered to silence you phone you forgot to UN-silence it after,
    and you missed a call or a SMS?
    and how many times this caused problems with the husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / parents / friends...?
    well off course we're humans not computers we tend to forget things.

    But you android powered mobile phone is a computer and it can remember all of your events.
    they call it SMARTphone so why can't it silence itself when needed? it should.

    Well from now it can.

    From now on you can schedule when your mobile Phone will silence itself and and get to its normal state whenever you want using your calendar.

    You can make simple filters to make your phone ignore unimportant events and let you choose the important ones.

    In full version you can:
    1. make your phone auto schedule important events and silence and UN-silence itself without your even have to touch
    it all by its own, as it should.

    2. Waiting for an important Call during a meeting and afraid you'll miss it cause the phone is in silent mode.
    mark the person as an exception and calls from him will not be silenced, as simple as that.

    and more

    if unlocker does not unlock after install reboot will solve the problem

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