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    We believe "Call Agent Pro" is a must-have app for any Android user using Android 4.0 and higher.

    "Call Agent Pro" is a single-app solution combining almost all kinds of software required for backup (contacts, texts, call log), blocking calls and texts, forwarding calls and texts, recording calls, scheduling texts, and automatic backup of contacts, texts, and call logs to Google Drive.

    This unique Android app implements lots of great features in a very user-friendly interface. The most unique feature lets you just drag and drop specific numbers for blocking (calls and texts), recording, and forwarding texts.

    You do not need a lot of different apps for individual call blocking, call recording, text blocking, contact backup, text backup, call log backup, and text scheduling-related operations – "Call Agent Pro" can handle all these things.

    You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any suggestions, and we are prepared to implement your idea into our app.

    If you have any questions or complaints, please write to us at

    All your questions and complaints will be handled as quickly as possible – you will receive an email confirmation within 30 minutes on weekdays. And we will try our best to solve your problem within 24 hours – if we are not too busy.

    Negative comments and ratings will not help us, or you. If you want to get the best out of our team/company, please write to us.

    Features list:

    # Call blocking: Block unwanted calls from any number(s).
    # Text / SMS blocking: Block unwanted texts from any number(s).
    # Call recording: Record calls to/from selected number(s) or all outgoing and incoming calls.
    # Text / SMS forwarding: Automatically forward your texts from one number to one or more other numbers.
    # Call forwarding: Forward calls to your other cell phone.
    # Call logging: Search your call log for a particular number using the following criteria: received, dialed, missed, and all.
    # Text / SMS logging: Search your texts for a particular number using the following criteria: received, dialed, missed, and all.
    # Text / SMS scheduling: Schedule text greetings for future occasions. It is possible to configure multiple occasions/events, and you can also select any number of persons for any occasion/event – from one to hundreds of persons.
    # Backup: Backup call log; move text and contact list to another location on your phone – typically to the installation folder.
    # Automated Cloud Backup: You can configure an automated backup frequency after connecting to your Google Drive.
    # Password protection: The app can be configured with a password to ensure that none of your critical data are available to others who might have access to your phone.


    Text / SMS block feature has a compatibility issue with “Go SMS Pro”. To fix that issue, please go to Settings of “Go SMS Pro” – then Select “Advanced” tab, select “Other settings” and deselect “Disable other message notification”.

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