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    *Kitkat problem fixed, please download the update and follow the instructions.
    *New: Mobile monitor to remotely monitor call, msg and app installs on a phone, great for parental control. Fake app name and icon. Check user's manual for details.

    Download complete step-by-step guide at

    Watch ABC news reporting about Extreme Call Blocker here:

    Try this App risk free. If it doesn't work on your phone and we can't fix it, we'll refund you, no time limit.

    -- Password protected
    -- Stealth mode: hide app icon from your app list, nobody can know the app is installed except you. To hide the app also from Play store download list, contact developer before download.
    -- Backup/Restore to/from SD card or Dropbox cloud service, won't lose your numbers and messages when you uninstall and reinstall , or switch phones.
    -- Option to automatically erase all blocked calls from your phone's call log, all blocking events are saved in the app's blocking history log, and can be emailed out from the phone.

    -- Support four ways to block a call:
    * Send to voice mail: no screen flash if number is also in your contact
    * Answer-and-hang up: prevent the caller from leaving you any voice mail, no voice mail and no miss call notification.
    * Mute the ring only: caller will hear the normal ring and then voice mail, you hear nothing.
    * Block outgoing calls: Ideal if you give the phone to kids and don't want them to call numbers you don't them to call.

    -- Six ways to block SMS (Text only message):
    * Blocked and erased
    * Blocked and saved in the blocking history log, can be viewed, edited and replied from the blocking history log.
    * Blocked and hide in the private sms box, can be viewed, edited and replied only by you, from the private sms box.
    * Auto reply only without blocking, use as an auto text responder.
    * Block based on message content, with content filter
    * Auto forward the message to another number.

    -- Block MMS (messages with attachment, picture,music...):
    * MMS erased before received.
    * Auto reply only without blocking

    -- Build-in private sms box:
    * Hide private SMS messages, message will only be saved in private mail box, not anywhere else
    * Password protected.
    * LED only notification of new private message, pick your own LED color.
    * Calls to/from private listed numbers will automatically be erased from phone's call log, and logged in the private sms box. No trace of calls on the phone from private numbers.
    * Concealed entry to private sms box
    * Remote clear: clear the mail box remotely in case your phone is lost or in unwanted hands
    * Auto time out to close the mail box
    * Shake phone to close the mail box , so nobody can sneak up on you
    * Invisible new message widget only shows up when there is new private message.
    * Mail box auto closed when phone screen turns off.

    -- 4 ways to customize blocking :
    * Black list: Add individual numbers to be blocked, each number can be blocked in different ways, support timers to block based on day, hour and minute. Also block UNKNOWN, PRIVATE or other restricted numbers, and option to block all numbers not in contact book. Use wildcard match to block an area code. Option to send auto text message reply to blocked calls and messages.
    * Blocking profile: setup blocking profiles, in each profile setup sms blocking and call blocking options,then add as many numbers to the profile as you want, without the need to setup blocking for each number. Support wildcard matching of phone numbers, can easily block all numbers from an area code , or 800, 877, etc.
    * Contact Groups Blocking: Add all numbers you want to block to a Google contact group,and block all numbers in the contact group at once, support blocking on calendar schedule.
    * White list: setup no-blocking list for calls you don't want to miss.

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