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    Block unwanted calls and text messages in a snap with Call Control!

    Call Control lets you have a silent sleep without the fear of missing important calls. It can monitor incoming calls and silence the phone so you won't be disturbed.

    Call Control is a must have for people who want a quiet sleep but are afraid of turning off the phone and thereby taking the risk of missing a call he is waiting for. It is also very useful for people who likes to take a nap during the day or if he is working in the night and needs the silent sleep during the day, where people might call him.


    Call Control allows you to save contacts that are able to ring through while all other unwanted contact numbers go to silent. You can manage your blocked contacts from your contact list, such as add, edit and remove it in CONTACTS.
    You can set your mobile with SCHEDULE for blocking time. Call Block may be turned on and off manually or on a configurable time schedule.

    Call Control can also automatically send an SMS and email to the silenced caller explaining why you have not picked up their call SMS and email content can be edited by you.

    Calls BLOG saves all blocked calls and SMS in a journal. You will never lose any important call or message.

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