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    Call Future-You is the lightweight reminder service. What makes idea exclusive is that you dont need to type a word at all! Just SAY it and set time! Basically, it's like.. making a call to yourself in future, reminding of something, or just saying "hello" from the past!
    This is the most time-saving service you can imagine.

    What makes it unique:
    * personal time machine: hear your own voice from the past!
    * everything is meant to save bit of your time
    * takes no time to set it: just say a word and set alarm time
    * fast and lightweight
    * two widgets, both showing next alarm time and starting "call" on click: 2x2 dynamic futuristic clock and 2x1 button
    * unique futuristic interface
    * flexible configurations: set vibration, call duration, ringtone, volume, etc
    * browse incoming "calls" list: listen to them, delete or change time
    * saved recordings don't show up in your music playlists
    * three buttons to save your time: set timer, time of day or specific date
    * alarms being updated on device reboot

    Making "call" could not be easier or faster:

    * click on widget
    * say what you want
    * set time
    DONE. You will receive the call from your past soon enough!

    "Call Future-You" can both save a lot of your time and provide a lot of fun communicating through time!

    PS: Option to answer the call MIGHT come in next versions.

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