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    How many times have you, or someone you know, lost their phone somewhere in the house while it was on silent or vibrate? It's a common problem, especially amongst younger cell users.

    When you lose your phone and it's on vibrate or silent, what do you do besides look and look and look? Calling it from another phone wont work, it's silent. With Call Out, you can use another phone and text (SMS) your phone a self chosen code word ("Call Out" by default) that will set your ringer volume to full volume, allowing you to hear it ring when you call it. As well as setting off the ringer for 60 seconds. Calling Out to you.

    With Call Out, you will be able to chose your own Code Word, using letters and numbers. So that you'll be able to remember it. Call Out will quickly glance incoming text messages (SMS) for this specific codeword and if it doesn't see it, nothing happens. When your Code Word is detected, it will automatically set your phone's ringer volume to Full and set off your ringer for you to hear. This way, even if you don't hear the ringer the first time, you can now call it with the volume on for you to track down.

    Besides changing the volume and setting off the ringer, it will also send a text message (SMS) back to the phone you sent the code from. Letting you know that your phone's volume is all the way up.

    No computer needed, no extra Anti-Virus, no ads, no subscriptions, no registering on any website. Just a simple app that will help you find your phone. Be it around the house or in the couch or whatever.

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    App Developer: x Consulting, LLC

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