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    This app, which is the official version.
    First, please confirm the operation in the trial version (Call Recorder(Free)).
    The widget automatically records conversation.
    (Note: If other applications are using the recording feature does not work.
    If other similar application has been installed, you will need to uninstall.
    It is because will continue to be run in the background.)

    After installation, please register your widget.

    * How to register the widget
    Press and hold an empty area of the home screen, select "Add widget" from menu.
    Then select "Call Recorder".

    Simply register a widget; both incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded.

    Recording source, [Caller and Recipient], [Caller], [Recipient], [Stop] can be switched from the menu.

    When you tap the widget, playlist is displayed.

    Press MENU to switch recording source on this screen.
    Also you can delete the recorded data by pressing LIST for few seconds.

    NOTE: "stop" will suspend the recording function. No data is recorded.


    Please check the free version first to make sure the application works correctly.
    Free version has limited recording time about 60 seconds and adverting will appear in the playlist.

    Callrecorder may not operate with other application with recording freatures.
    If another application is made to work at least once,
    Processing is registered, may continue to run in the background.
    Please uninstall this application.

    Recording may not be done depending on the model.
    Even you cannot record when the recording mode is [Caller and Recipient], you might be able to record when [Caller] or [Recipient] mode. Please try this way.

    SD memory card is required. All data will be stored in SD memory card.
    You may fail to record without SD memory card or lack of memory space.
    Even recorded, you may not be able to hear when replay.

    Please understand that we are not responsible for the following; fail to record, no replay or any other problem occur in what kind of cause.

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