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    For cell phone radiation is harm for your health, never putting cell phone near your ear until the call is answered.

    Call Vibrator is a tool for alerting you when phone call is answered, disconnected.

    Before you buy consider testing Call Vibrator(Lite) to ensure that your device is already supported.

    === Features ===

    * Vibrate when outgoing call is answered.
    * Vibrate when incoming call is connected.
    * Vibrate when phone call is disconnected.
    * Vibrate when call waiting.
    * Vibrate when phone call elapsed certain time.

    === Permissions ===

    * PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: To detect outgoing call is initiated.
    * READ_PHONE_STATE: To detected phone state (idle, ringing, offhook).
    * READ_LOGS: To analysis when outgoing call is answered.
    * VIBRATE: Use vibrator to alert user.
    * WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Write logs to sdcard.
    * WAKE_LOCK: Keep device awake during phone call.
    * ACCESS_SUPERUSER: For devices running Jelly Bean or above, ROOT is require to grant READ_LOGS permission to application.

    === Notice ===

    * Call Vibrator requires the radio log of phone to detect when outgoing call is answered. But since Android JellyBean(4.1), the permission for radio log is not granted to non-system app by default.
    ** If your device is rooted, Call Vibrator will prompt a dialog to let user grant the permission to itself.
    ** If your device is not rooted, follow the guide in to grant read log permission to Call Vibrator manually or check the No Root version in

    === Acknowledgement ===

    Thanks to the following translators:

    * Russian: Piv Pav

    === Report Issue ===

    Outgoing call vibration requires reading the telephone LOG information
    during your phone call. When you are making a phone call, it is looking for some specific
    pattern of the LOG messages to decide whether the call is answered by peer.

    There are so many Android powered phones in the world, most of them follow the same LOG pattern
    as Google Nexus Phones. However, some of them don't. The developer only has Google Nexus S for
    development and testing, it is impossible for him to know all the patterns of the telephone LOG.
    But you can help to collect these information and send it to the developer so there might be a
    chance to make this application work on your phone.

    If this feature is not work on your devices, PLS use the DIAGNOSE FEATURE to send diagnose report to developer instead of REPORT BUG AS REVIEW.

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