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    An application that gives you the name of who is calling you right now, without you having to look at the screen.

    By default, all the contacts are disabled and you activate the ones you want Caller Name to announce. In the settings, you can now activate it for all your contacts automatically and then disable the ones you want too.

    How to enable/disable a contact from Caller Name:
    - Open your phone's contact list application (People in ICS/JB).
    - Tap your contact's picture to get the actions bubble.
    - Tap Caller Name icon and then select your contact's name.
    - Activate/disable announcement for that contact.

    Check the video for a guided "how to" if you have questions.

    Difference between Free and Pro versions:
    - Ads are displayed on the application.
    - After each call, the phone will advertise Caller Name.

    Common features:
    - Automatic ringtone volume management for clearer announce name.
    - Voice on Bluetooth A2DP headsets and wired headphones. You can test if it works with your headset from the main settings. If any of them is available, the Text-to-Speech is automatically re-routed to play via headphones or Bluetooth A2DP (usually only available in stereo BT headsets). For compatibility, you can test different routing streams to see which works with your headset.
    - Respects your sound profile setting, so no speaking if your phone is set to vibrate only or silent.
    - Selective on/off caller announcement. Fully integrated to Android's OS contact list. Just tap the contact picture and activate/disable Caller Name for that user.

    If any problems, please JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL, I can better keep track of those than comments on Google Play!

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