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    Take Photo even if no SD card!
    Take Photo with single hand!

    9sCam is an easy Camera-Continuous_shooting app which can set timer/delay time/interval between successive shooting...

    9sCam is for general phones,Tablet(doesn't need auto-focus),supporting Android 1.5,1.6,and all.

    ---if your phone has auto-focus function---

    9sCam++ is the advanced version of 9sCAM.
    (9sCam++ = 9sCam + flash_Control + special reFocusing loop)

    9sCam+ is for advance phones,devices, android 2.0 up
    Since there's a focusing loop, it may have longer focusing looping delay between each photo.(9sCam is faster).

    Single hand taking photo.
    Can take photo even if no SD card.

    You can control saving photos to:
    1 SD
    2 Phone's internal Storage

    By default it is to save photos in SD.
    You should change Storage to internal phone storage by: Cam>Menu>Storage (switch int / ext)

    It comes with limited Photo-editing function, such as cut a part out, turn to Black&White photo.

    You can share or send out the photo by email/message/share in social networks.

    It takes photo by just a click on the screen(any places will do,not a special button on screen, so no need to aim at the button),
    (the real Camera button is sometimes hard to press without using force. it normally will cause hand movement and affect photo-taking...) You can cancel continuous photo-taking by MENU/stopShooting....

    It's not like those taking 99photos/second.
    In this app, you set the Timer 5s, 10s , 120s...

    For self-photo taking, normally single shot may not have a good-looking photo, suggest that you set the number of shot to be 3 or 5, after photo taken, pick a good one (delete those no good-looking)

    Trust us! Those beautiful model's beautiful photos are pick from among hundreds or even thousands of photos.

    Auto-Animation-Show, Gallery>Menu>Slide (start Slide)

    It comes with a Photo Viewer which can browse/delete/Slide-SHOW photos in phone internal storage and SDcard.
    You can copy all photos in a directory in phones storage/SD to SDcard.

    ..for self-shooting, self-talking-photos,,,,,taking 10,30 photos successively....
    *** you can take 360 degree of view by 1 touch ***

    All photos are by default saved to SD card, in the directory of "9sCam", but if SDcard is not in place, it will save photos to phone internal storage and you can use the viewer to view/copy to SD/del the photos ...
    you can take photos of 360 degree of view
    First preview screen is on,,,after Aiming.... you ONLY need to click on the screen, anywhere will do, then the 9sCam will start to work....While in between of real shooting, Screen turns to black just for energy taking 3 photos for timer of 20s( click on screen, start

    ----Menu: modify setting.

    take photo's of yourself
    1. lay your phone at a firm position,on table...
    2. aim at your friend or where you will run to stand at,,,
    3. click on screen to start the timer,,,,
    4. run to the position, stand by your friends,,,
    5. The app takes phone of you,,,
    6. you change pose,,,it takes photo again and again
    7. The app continue to shoot with the set delay time....PLEASE lay your phone horizontally for the sake of safety.

    ***you can take photo of 360 degree scenery***
    --easy photo taking---
    manually 1 hand Single shooting:
    hold your phone, aiming
    touch (screen)->photo,,,(use 1 finger)
    (instead of pressing hard camera button)

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