Canvas Painting 101

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    Canvas Painting 101

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    Canvas Painting for the Beginner

    Have you always wanted to paint but did not know the first thing about it? Have you sketched thousands of pictures in your sketch book and wanted to put them on canvas? Now you can with the help of this book. We teach you everything to get you started in the wonderful world of fine arts. You can learn to express yourself with color.

    Learn basic painting techniques. Understand lighting and shading. Learn how to choose your subjects. Determine which paints are right for you. Get a breakdown on all the brushes and what they are for. Learn why you should layer your paints.

    This informative ebook will guide you through the steps of painting on canvas. You will discover who some of the great artists were. With the information in this book you can learn to paint just like them. Understand their techniques. Learn how to use references. Determine what is a good subject matter for you to paint.

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