Car and Truck Battery Test




    This APP is designed to determine a vehicle's battery usable age as a percentage of its remaining capacity, CCA, and RC ratings. A periodic test of the battery can help prevent "IT WOULD NOT START" situation. A battery ages continuously and may reach the end of its life at any temperature. A Digital Voltmeter, such as used by service techs and available in many stores at a reasonable cost, is used for reading the battery voltage. The voltage can be read at a cigarette lighter or accessory power socket or anywhere the battery voltage can be read. After the voltage is entered the battery age percentage is displayed. The APP is for a 12 volt battery. If you have a 24 volt battery divide the voltage in half for entry into the APP. Entries are made by using the keyboard on the screen and simply type the Eng on Volts, then the Eng off Volts and then the Lights on Volts. Then tap the GO key to get the percentage of remaining battery life.

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