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    Ever had trouble remembering where you parked your car? Why don't you make your smartphone remember that for you?

    Car Finder is a powerful application which can save your car parking location with the press of a button. You can keep this location stored as long as you need without worrying, and Car Finder will remember it when you need it.

    But that's not all! Car Finder is also able to:

    - Show your car's last parking locations on a map for you to find it quickly.

    - Save your car's parking lot number, in case you need to locate it inside a extensive parking lot.

    - Set a reminder for parking time expiration, so you don't have to pay extra!

    - Guide you to your car with point-by-point navigation, finding the fastest way to do so.

    - Keep and show your car's parking location history, so you don't have to save the same parking spot twice!

    - NEW: Find nearby parking lots, and use point-by-point navigation to drive to them. Make use of a global and continuously updated parking lots database.

    - NEW: Bind Car Finder's application to your car's bluetooth-enabled music player, so you can save your vehicle's location automatically as soon as you park. A notification will let you know it has been saved successfully without need to open the application.

    - NEW: Save your vehicle's location even without Internet connectivity. Not even once will you forget where you parked.

    Also, you don't need to open Car Finder's app to save your car's location! With Car Finder's widget, just tap it once on your smartphone's home screen and you will have your location saved instantly.

    And best of all, Car Finder is completely FREE! With all features available at no cost!

    Get it now and spread the word!

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