Caravel is a browser that brings you many useful features, easily accessible through the toolbar. Switch seamlessly between mobile and desktop view, browse full screen, and protect your personal data with an exclusive incognito browsing mode.

    1) Browse sites in mobile or desktop view.

    2) Full screen view that allows you to enjoy the entire device display area.

    3) An original incognito browsing mode: use the toolbar button for enabling it and suddenly the whole browsing session becomes private, even the pages you had opened before entering this mode! Also, if you close Caravel by returning to the home menu when this mode is enabled, the browser switches back to its start page automatically, hiding the contents you were browsing.

    4) You can increase or decrease the size of the fonts displayed on many sites, besides zooming with your fingers as usual.

    5) You can switch back to the search page by simply tapping a button.

    6) Use the tabbed sidebar for quick and easy access to your favorite sites and to the archive of your history.

    7) Use the settings page to change your default home page or search engine or even to delete on the fly the contents you created.

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