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    CaseSensor offers Smart Cover functionality for Android Tablets. It makes waking up and closing the screen easy by just closing and opening your tablet's case. CaseSensor can automatically dim your screen when you close your tablet's case and turn the screen back on when you open it. This is accomplished by monitoring the light sensor levels of the tablet. When the light sensor is covered by the tablet's case, the device goes to sleep and when the case uncovers the tablet the device wakes up*. Moreover, CaseSensor gives you the option to remove the tablet's lock screen features that is enabled by default so you don't need to unlock your tablet each time you want to use it, just let CaseSensor do it! Simply start CaseSensor, follow the on-screen instructions on the calibration wizard and you are good to go. If you are looking for a more tailored experience just head to the settings page and customize it to you heart's content. If you are living a busy life, CaseSensor comes with a handy widget that allows you to easily control it right from your home screen or the android notifications area.

    CaseSensor has been tested on Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Acer Iconia Tab

    NOTE: If you have an issue with the application it's advised to contact us using the Feedback or the Sensor Report within the application. By leaving a comment about an issue you are facing we cannot contact you and most probably not able to resolve it.
    NOTE: The application is using Google Analytics to gather ANONYMOUS usage information

    * Light sensor sensitivity varies from tablet to tablet.

    Keywords: tablet, case, shut down, power on, dim, screen, cover, smart cover.

    Change log:
    Ground-up reworked sensor logic
    Added Active application guard option for preventing CaseSensor from closing the screen when an application is opened
    Enabled screen time-out (on applicable devices)
    Brand new Calibration screen with audio feedback
    Minor improvements in power management
    Embedded help in the application

    Fixed an issue that was causing CaseSensor to crash for some devices in the calibration screen

    Fixed an issue that was causing CaseSensor to take over the device focus when using the provided widget
    Fixed an issue that was causing the devices running Android 4.0+ to don't start CaseSensor services on device boot when the respective option was enabled

    Pressing power button to wake up tablet will now check if the ambient light is insufficient before suspending CaseSensor
    Recalibrating will reset the the min light value to max
    Minimum closing delay is now 3 seconds
    Added option for opening screen sound
    Clicking on the closing notification will suspend CaseSensor, the suspend/close dialog is no longer shown
    Added option for showing/hiding running notifications
    Update General settings help

    Reinstated the Recalibrate functionality, due to popular demand
    Minor change in the General options logic

    Implemented start CaseSensor on device boot
    Added separate Administration option
    Minor improvements

    Changed Calibration wizard
    Added an option for selecting custom closing sound
    Minor bug fixes

    Added an option for enabling whether to suspend CaseSensor by pressing the power button to sleep the device
    Minor bug fixes/optimizations

    Added options for individually enabling whether the screen will turn ON or OFF when the case is opened or closed respectively
    Added an option for disabling vibration when screen is turning off (Vibration works only on devices that have the appropriate hardware)
    Rearranged General Settings page for easier navigation

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