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    Imagine you’re Scrooge McDuck sitting in front of a huge bunch of coins and banknotes. How to cope with counting all that money? Our Cash Counter app is the solution: Just press the corresponding buttons in the app and the accumulated total will be presented to you immediately!

    • positive amounts are shown in black; negative amounts are shown in red
    • initial amount is adjustable via turning the shown digits
    • add 1, 5 or 10 coins or banknotes at once
    • comprehensive statistics on the counted coins and banknotes
    • previously counted amounts are saved in a history
    • resume counting of historical amounts

    Supported currencies:
    • US Dollar $
    • Euro €
    • South Korean Won ₩
    • Japanese Yen ¥
    • British Pound £
    • Suisse Franc
    • Russian Ruble
    • Poker Chips

    The app initially contains all supported currencies in a preview version, i.e. you can count up to 20 coins or banknotes per counter. But it’s very easy to get the full version (unlimited count of coins and banknotes) of a currency: Just buy it via in-app billing when you’ve reached the limit of the preview version. (Note that you can check the version of a currency via Settings/Currency: All preview versions are marked as 'Preview' within the description text.)
    Please regard buying the full version of a currency as a small donation to the app developers!

    Supported languages:
    • English
    • German

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