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    CBW Mobile is a simple, reliable way to remotely access your ControlByWeb products from anywhere in the world. This app lets you create customized control panels to manage a single device or seamlessly integrate multiple devices on one page.

    ControlByWeb products are Ethernet I/O devices with relays and inputs that can be used to remotely control and monitor electrical devices and sensors. When properly installed and combined with the right components*, ControlByWeb products can be used to remotely reboot computers, control gates, lights, motors, pumps, door locks, or just about any electrical device. They can monitor temperature, position, water level, flow, power, doors, motion, and much more. All of our products have built-in web servers, so your phone or computer communicates directly with the device and not with a server somewhere else. There are no drivers to install, no batteries to change, and no monthly subscription.

    App Features:

    Instant access to all of your ControlByWeb devices.

    Custom buttons, labels, etc. for each device and its components (relays, inputs, sensors, etc.).

    Custom control panels.

    Quick access to the device's control page, setup page and logs.

    App-Locking to prevent use from unauthorized users.

    Tutorial with a simple walk-through to get you started.

    * Installation of ControlByWeb products requires a basic knowledge of electronics and computer networking. In some cases, a Systems Integrator or licensed Electrician may be required. Many applications require additional components such as sensors or electrical devices.

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