Cell Phone Iron Bastion




    Though this app, you will get an iron bastion to protect you cell phone. The main function of this iron bastion is to unlock screen.

    How to open this iron bastion
    Click the arrow in the middle of the iron bastion and the Home icon appeared. Move it to unlock screen. And then you will see the background you picked when the iron bastion open.

    Introduction of this app
    Although this app is an iron bastion for your cell phone, you still can do something in the locked screen, such as open/close wifi.
    Speak of this function, you can not only open/close wifi, but also turn on/off some other programs. Check them in the Setting >> Switch.
    Background for locked screen won¡¯t show in the iron bastion, but you will see it when the cell phone is unlocked successfully. It could be your wallpaper or one of the given pictures in the Custom Background.
    The basic Setting of this app contains sound effect and vibrate effect. They will work when the screen is unlocked. Make your choice.

    Please give this app 5 stars if you like it. Thanks for your support!

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