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    Today you may have noticed that there are more and more files in your mobile phone. You may not know how many files in your mobile phone. You don’t know the function of one file. If you often check all the files from time to time, you will know these files like you know your hand.

    Just open your mobile phone and check the files one by one is not a good choice. This will waste your much time and it is too trouble. Do you want to get an easier way? Check File is the app which can help you solve this problem.

    Check File is a small and free app which can let you browse all the files in your mobile phone. Want to know how to use it?

    1. Check File is a professional app which only helps you browse the files, so its functions is simpler and its operation is rather simple.

    2. After you install this app, you will see that all the files and folders in your mobile phone will show you in a list.

    3. You can open one folder to browse all the files in it. By this way, you can check all the files in your mobile phone.

    4. If you click one file or folder for a little long time, that file or folder will be chosen. Then you touch the MENU button on your mobile phone, other function buttons will appear before you. You can do some operation to the chosen file or folder such as cut, copy and so on.

    5. I should tell you that some mobile phone may can’t use the cut and copy function, I will solve this problem.

    6. If you would like to support this browse app, please give it five stars. If you have any advice, please give an e-mail to me. I will improve this app according to your valuable advice.

    Check File is a free file browser which is used on mobile phone for android. A great number of files may result in a bad result. You can’t master the files in a way. You had better download a file browser to check your files from time to time.

    I have used this browser for a long time and think that it is simple and convenient. Not many functions makes it more delicate and practical.

    I hope this browser will help you when you check your files.

    A navigational file manager is a file browser and is a newer type of file manager which became prominent for its integration in Microsoft Windows. The Windows Explorer is a classic representative of the kind, using a "navigational" metaphor to show file system locations. Since the advent of GUIs, it has become the main type of file manager for desktop computers, because of its use in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

    Generally, it has two panes, with the file system tree in the left side and the contents of the current directory in the right pane. For Mac OS X, one view in the Finder is a good example of a navigational file manager.

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