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    Pro version without ads.
    CheckNlog is a tool to check your smartphone status and save logs to SD card.

    Logs will be saved in external storage or equivalent in "CheckNlog/logs" directory. There are options to enable auto zip or dissable save to SD card.
    You can delete them or its folder at any moment with no problem.

    As one of the images shows, you can make a shortcut to a single activity. You can do that from your launcher, if it's supported, or from an app like "Any Cut".

    Tips about some activities:

    "Free" is the real free memory. This is wasted memory, a lot of it is never needed.
    "Available" is what many apps show as free memory. It's the sum of cached (not wasted) plus real free.

    Charge in volts is usually 4.2~4.1 full charged and ~3.4 discharged.
    Normal temperature is from 70ºF (21ºC) to 125ºF (52ºC), better below 105ºF (40ºC). It could get damaged above 140ºF (60ºC).

    OOM Grouping:
    Each app running gets an ADJ number from -16 to 15 (-1000 to +1000 on newer kernels).
    As higher the number is, most probably that app will be killed by the system in a OOM (out of memory) event.
    Usually system apps are ADJ -16 and cached or unneeded old processes are ADJ 15.
    When available RAM goes below MB indicated at "Start to get killed below X MB" line, processes of that group will start to get killed.

    Status or active interfaces, IP, MAC...

    A verbose logcat snapshot.

    Installed apps:
    Check versions or launch apps.
    This activity is never saved to SD card.

    Ping Tool:
    You can customize default ping in settings screen and ping any IP or URL from Ping Tool activity to get an idea about your network responsiveness.

    Extended list of current running processes.

    Logcat search:
    Now you can find any term in logcat.

    Boost RAM:
    SU permission and a rooted device is needed for this action.
    It uses the typical linux action of syncing memory and dropping caches.
    Don't expect a huge performance improvement but some lag could be fixed and the need of a reboot.

    Auto zip:
    Compressed files are not really zip, they are tar.bz2.
    They are supported by most desktop compression tools but on phones maybe you need a good file explorer like Script Manager-SManager.
    If you disable Auto-zip, create more than 50 logs and then active Auto-zip, it will not work until you manually delete some logs.
    Auto-zip limited to 10 for large logs like dmesg, logcat and logcat search.

    Battery widget:
    After enable the widget or boot the phone wait a few seconds for the widget receives a battery update and display the data.
    You can switch to display Fahrenheit temperature from the settings screen of the main app.
    The simple widget always uses less than 4 MB of memory. If you notice increased use is due to the cache of the application, which will be recovered by the system as soon as it is needed.
    Do not move this app to SD if you want to use the widget.


    Just for check license and the ping tool, nothing else.

    Write to memory card:
    For save logs to SD.

    Personal data, logs:
    Needed to read logcat without root. Be careful to post a logcat in web sites because it can contain personal data.

    Pro version without ads.
    Currently only a few activities will work on devices with no ARM processor.

    Visit my website for more info.

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