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    The technological world nowadays is very open, too much information is out there and some of it can be dangerous for our children, whether it is harmful, inappropriate, suggestive, or even simply information they can get or actions they can take which we as parents think are wrong and would like to prevent.

    If you have an Android device, and if you allow your child to play games on your Android device, then “Child Safe Zone” is the application for you.


    Children, are naughty by nature(I know mine are), that is the reason we parents need a “Child Zone” for our children while they use our devices, but also vice verse, we need a “Child Zone” to protect the content of our devices(Images, Emails, Phone calls… etc.) from our children.

    “Child Safe Zone” allows you to define the applications you would like to allow your child to use, and makes sure these are the only ones your child can use.

    “Child Safe Zone” allows you to define "Child Zone" options such as:

    • Disable WiFi.
    • Disable Mobile data.
    • Mute Audio.
    • Baby Mode. (Every application launch restarts the application)
    • Disable Volume Change.

    That would be applied while the child is in the "Child Zone".

    About permissions:
    All permissions requested are in order to keep your child in the zone you have created for them.

    FREE and PAYED versions:
    The FREE version of the application is limited and contains ads, these ads are confined to the "Parent Zone" of the application**, or in other words, your children does not have access to ads clicking within this application while in the "Child Zone", in order to remove the ads and unlock functions in the application, one would have to PURCHASE a subscription.

    **NOTE: The applications you allow your child to use might have ads in them.

    A word from the developer
    I've developed this application because I needed a “Child Zone” to put both my children in (5.5 and 1.5 years old boys(now 6.5, and 2.5 years old respectively)) and other applications just didn't cut it.

    “Child Safe Zone” has been developed by me, using my precious Cyborg ( Currently the application is in its first steps, the User Interface is quite poor, but the complex logics are implemented, and I would like to get some users feedbacks regarding the functionality of the application:

    (Feedback button is currently top left in the dashboard while in parent mode)
    • Could your child actually exit the “Child Zone”?
    • Did the application crashed unexpectedly?
    • Are the translation from English good enough?
    • You could perhaps suggest a new feature?
    • Or send any other feedback that can improve the application...


    If you want to influence the future of this application, send me a feedback.

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