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    In our daily life, such information security demands:
    (1) we must send some important text via cell phone
    (2) we must save some important text in cell phone

    Cipher these text will be vey easy after downloading CipherText.
    Do you understand "Gunax lbh" after cipher?
    You must konw the origin "Thank you".

    CipherText adopts the classical Casear ROT13, which rotating 13 places for every English alphabet and 5 places for number.
    Such as, A to N, c to p, 1 to 6,etc. So Cipher and Decipher are the same operation for rotating half of full places.
    You can get the origin text by cipher the text again.
    For example, "Thank you" -> "Gunax lbh" -> "Thank you"

    CipherText can only support English and Arabic Number only.

    If you have any question and suggestion, please email

    Thank you for downloading!

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