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    Support and availability of Cisco GIST will end on October 31, 2014. For an enhanced free speed test and bandwidth usage app, please download the new Cisco Data Meter from Google Play today. Learn more at:

    Cisco GIST allows you to measure your mobile connection speeds over cellular or wi-fi (if applicable) networks based on your location and download speed at the time of a test. Whether you’re a diehard Android fanatic or a recent Android inductee, this new application from Cisco will help you quickly understand the “gist” of what your device is capable of at any given time. This application will also enable you to compare your cellular and wi-fi speeds with other Android users around the world.

    User Speed Classifications:
    Web Grade (150Kbps - 449Kbps)
    Your connection can support Web browsing, email, text messaging and other basic tasks.

    Music Grade (450Kbps - 749Kbps)
    Your connection is good enough for audio streaming or downloads and basic web browsing.

    SD Video Grade (750Kbps – 1149 Kbps)
    Your connection can support standard definition rich media content.

    HD Video Grade (1150Kbps and Greater)
    Your connection is strong enough to support high-definition rich media content.

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