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    CleverLock is a simple and clever way to make your Android device child friendly. It offers Child Lock functionality. When activated, only the applications and YouTube videos you allow will be accessible. You need to set the CleverLock password to exit from Child Lock mode. This feature is particularly handy to limit the number of applications and YouTube videos your child can use in your device. It automatically locks the device after the duration specified.

    CleverLock automatically locks your device after an absolute duration that you choose. I personally use this feature to limit the amount of time spent by my child when playing games and watching videos on my Android device. I use it in such a way that my device will be locked after 30 minutes no matter what my child is doing. I have to, of course, set my own device system security PIN, password, or pattern so my child will not be able to unlock the device after it was locked automatically.

    Try the Free version first to make sure compatibility with your device -

    ** This app requires to be a Device Administrator after install to permit it to lock your device automatically. If you decide to uninstall the app later, please follow the uninstall instruction below.

    Uninstall instruction

    1. Go to Menu > Settings > Security > Device Administrators
    2. Unchecked CleverLock and deactivate
    3. Then uninstall the app normally

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