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    With Cleyr (rhymes with "clear") you create your own personal Android app, right from your Android phone or tablet. No programming is required, and your first app can be ready in minutes.

    >> Step by Step

    The Cleyr App Creation Wizard guides you through the process. Start the Wizard anytime, put it down to do something else, and then come back to it, with all your data saved. Take 10 minutes or 10 days, no worries. At the end of the wizard you have a complete, basic app, ready for building. Submit it to our servers and a short while later, your app is ready for delivery to your friends, customers -- even the whole world on Google Play.

    >> Customize At Will

    After you complete the wizard, the Cleyr main menu is displayed. From here, you can customize your app whenever and wherever you like. Add photos and sections. Update your contact information. Tag stories with geolocation. Even select photos from your Android Gallery to rapidly create new stories in your app.

    >> Easily Create Location-Aware GPS Guides

    The most powerful feature of Cleyr is the ease with which you can create a custom GPS Guide. Use our one-touch GeoCam button to quickly build a geotagged story with a photo. Customize any story by setting its GPS location. Edit a location by tapping on its symbol on the map. Any way you do it, all geotagged stories automatically become part of a GPS Guide.

    Then, from your finished Cleyr app, with one tap, your app user has a GPS guide narrated by text or your own voice. That's right, the content you add to your Cleyr app plays, automatically, as your app user arrives at a geotagged location.

    This is the same technology that powers all of our apps in Google Play, including Maui Road to Hana!

    >> Google Maps Integration

    All geotagged stories also include automatic access to Google Maps. All stories in a section may be displayed on a map. And, from each story, separate buttons enable your user to see the exact location on a map, or to get directions to that place. And Cleyr integrates smoothly with Google Navigation. Both turn-by-turn directions, and Cleyr's GPS Guide feature, work together to give your app user the best available information.

    >> Automatic Contact Page

    Cleyr includes a Contact page in every app. From the wizard, you can import most of your information directly from the contacts section of your device. Add a photo and description. Add a phone number, email, Twitter account, and Website address for one-tap access from your app, directly to you!

    >> Automatic Gallery

    Every Cleyr app contains a Gallery page, with thumbnails for every image you add to a story. Your Cleyr app users have one-tap access to all images, and tapping on any image takes the user directly to the related story.

    >> Preview Your Cleyr App Anytime

    As you create your app with Cleyr, you can preview how it looks and works at anytime, with the tap of a button. You don't need to submit your app to our servers for building until you are finally ready to distribute it.

    >> Incredible Introductory Price

    We can't begin to tell you how much all of this functionality would cost you if you paid a development company to produce it. Let's just say it's a very big number!

    But to celebrate the launch of Cleyr, we are offering you the spectacular low price of just $1.99. Yes, that's right, just $1.99 to create your own Android app, packed with every feature we described, and more!

    With this price you also receive 20 build credits. A build credit is used whenever you submit your masterpiece to our servers to build the final app. This is something you don't need to do very often, because you can preview exactly how your app will look and work on your Android device.

    >> For Android 2.2 and Later

    Cleyr runs on Android 2.2 or above.

    Download our free demo app from to see what a Cleyr app looks like.

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