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    This is not a stand alone App! It must be connected to a Fast Clock running on another Android device.

    Add multiple Fast Time Clock displays around your Model Railroad Empire! This App communicates via Bluetooth with an Android device running our Fast Clock App, creating a duplicate display for the Fast Clock.

    To use this App, Pair two Android devices (see below). Then load the Fast Clock App on one and the Fast Clock Client App on the other. Start the clock running and you should see the time displayed on both devices. There may be a delay as the clocks connect to each other.

    The distance between the Fast Clock and it's clients is determined by the quality of the Bluetooth transceiver in the Android device used. Most devices have a range of 12 to 18 meters (40 to 60 feet). If you wish to test the range between your devices before buying the Fast Clock, Pair the devices, take a picture on one phone, click “Share”, “Bluetooth”, and the name of the other phone. Try this at increasing distances to determine how strong the Bluetooth radios are. Keep in mind that the electronics in your Model Railroad may degrade the Bluetooth performance so it's best to test the Android devices with your railroad powered up and operating.

    For two Android devices to communicate via Bluetooth they must be paired. On each device open the settings menu, click “Wireless and Network”, “Bluetooth Settings”, and ensure “Bluetooth” is checked (turned on). On the first device click “Scan Devices”, on the second click “Visible” to make the device visible. When you see the name of the device you want to connect to, click it and then accept the confirmation message that displays on both phones.

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