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    App stores personal account data in an encrypted database located in your Dropbox cloud storage area.

    Desktop version available (WIN, LINUX, OS X):

    Attention, please! If you are not satisfied with this application, you can refund your expenses by uninstalling it within 15 (fifteen) minutes from the moment you bought it.

    Combined with the crossplatform [KeyRingDesktop.jar] written in java for Windows, Linux and OS X support, this app grants availability, fault tolerance and automatic synchronization of a single password database all over your desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. The database is stored on the Dropbox cloud storage in the app folder "/Apps/Cloud KeyRing Password Manager/". Place KeyRingDesktop.jar there and launch it from any desktop with any OS to view your sensitive data.

    To import the database of the free version copy the [config.bin] file from [Dropbox/Apps/Cloud KeyRing Free] to the folder [Dropbox/Apps/Cloud KeyRing Password Manager].

    App uses a Master-Key to prevent unauthorized access to the account database. A Master-Key is a password invented by yourself for the encryption of your data. It can be any sequence of letters, digits or numbers at your choice. Please, do not forget your master key to avoid the loss of your data due to inability to decrypt the database.

    Cloud KeyRing Password Manager is compatible with the ordinary KeyRing Password Manager version. If you want to import the account database, you should replace the existing "/Apps/Cloud KeyRing Password Manager/config.bin" file with the "/mnt/sdcard/config.bin" database file on your storage card.

    It is also possible to use both KeyRing and Cloud KeyRing with an assumption that the synchronization of the "config.bin" file will be done manually by the user.

    This application has a dependency on the active internet connection to be able to connect to Dropbox. If you want to use the app without internet connection, you should probably consider using the ordinary KeyRing Password Manager, which uses Google Backup Services cloud to perform data sync and backups.

    Supported languages: EN, RU. For your native language support please send the translation of the language file {} to the mailbox {}. The localized version will be published as soon as possible.

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