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    1. Realtime Protection
    1.1 Function: Monitor system events continuously; Automatically scan file for malware detection; Support user for system management
    1.2 Options & Instructions
    1.2.1 Post-Installed App Scanning – DEFAULT option: User can not change this option
    1.2.2 Pre-Installed App Scanning – CMC Safe Installer option: Automatically scan user selected apk files. To enable:1.Turn CMC Safe Installer on;2.Choose CMC Mobile Security;3.Choose Always
    1.2.3 File Monitor: Detects and automatically scan new created files. Downloading files over Internet and sharing files over Bluetooth are monitored in DEFAULT. File Monitor option list:1.DEFAULT: Monitor all downloaded files over Internet and shared files over Bluetooth;2.FULL: Monitor all directories on Sdcard;3. Custom: User choose what directories will be monitored. User should choose directories those created by app, such as "./CMCMobileSecurity/". So that user should know every new file created by apps.
    1.2.4 Automatic Disinfection: This option is support of 1.2.1 – DEFAULT option and 1.2.3 – File Monitor. Allow app to Delete or Quarantine malware files.
    2. SMS Filter
    2.1 Function: There're 3 built-in filtering methods: 1. Blacklist; 2. Keyword Filter; 3. Smart Filter
    2.2 Interaction: SMS Filter can flexibly interact with user. On History-Messages activity, user can use either CLICK and LONG CLICK to open context menu.
    2.3 Options & Instructions: Settings - SMS Filter activity
    2.3.1. Add/Remove phone number of Blacklist : Click on the checkbox turn Blacklist Filter on/off. Click on the layout to open the Blacklist, click menu button to open a context menu for add/remove phone number.
    2.3.2 Add/Remove keyword: As 2.3.1
    2.3.3 Smart Filter: Smart Filter has an Artificial Intelligence engine. Users can train the app how to identify spam content. The trainning process is simple. Users classify SMS by marking spam SMS then let app update the classification. On History – Messages activity, click a SMS, use Mark as Spam/Normal to classify; Click menu button and choose Update List. The app will record and learn.
    3. Anti-Theft.
    3.1. Function: The smart and easy-to-use function helps user quickly lock and locate devices in case of lost or stolen. All features are well designed and optmized for accuracy, battery saving and performance. CMC Mobile Security is proud to be one of the top on battery-saving and memory-saving Apps for Android.
    3.2. Password Protection: Protect Anti-Theft settings against unauthorized access and uninstallation.
    3.3 Options & Instructions
    3.3.1 Defaut Options: Device Admin: Critical base option - When this is off all of the others will be off. Keep Connect: periodically connects to command server -, executes commands placed by user. Sound Alarm: Specific alert when receiving command. Use for tracking and locating device in a close area. Screen Lock: Lock screen by user password. Device Track: Device location will be reported when receiving command.
    3.3.2 Other Options: Periodic Backup: Periodically back Sms box and Contact list up. The backed up data will be encrypted and send to CMC server. Remote Backup: Sms box and Contact list are backed up and sent to CMC server when receiving command. Remote Data Wipe: Completely clear Sms box and Contact list when receiving command. Remote Data Recovery: Restore all backed up sms and contacts when receiving command.

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