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    Coletto calendar~Cute diary's review

    Published: 2014-03-18, by Ana Gracia.

    A white and pink calendar where you can add your appointments and take personal notes

    • Works well
    • For young girls
    • Not for everyone
    • Well, it's pretty simple

    "The Cutest Calendar Ever"

    Coletto calendar~Cute diary is a girly application that will help you organize your days in a very simple way.

    The data will automatically synchronize with your previous calendar settings, so you don't need to worry about that. One interesting feature is to be able to arrange all the pictures taken in one particular day.

    Simply tap on a day to add new events, change the calendar view and even add some notes of whatever you want to remember. There aren't any extra features, but the app can be perfectly helpful as a simple calendar option.

    The design is a combination of white and pink, perfect for young girls and maybe not really appropriate for the masculine population.

    COMMUNITY FACTORY INC. is the developer of Coletto Calendar with more than 300 stickers, a visually cute calendar which is especially addressed to young girls.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Mar 18, 2014


    Have you ever wanted a calendar application that is super cute,
    allows you to enter appointments very easily,
    and that can also automatically arrange your data
    including appointments, diaries, and photos taken on a particular day?

    “Coletto Calendar” is a schedule application featuring a cute,
    handwritten-style design that will tickle your girlish spirit.
    It allows you to manage clearly all your
    appointments, tasks, diaries, and photos(*бωб*)


     A cute, easy-to-use application that offers support for girls who
     are busy with lots of appointments and tasks.

     Adding appointments is so simple
     that even really busy girls can enter them straight away!

     As you can label the colors assigned to the different types of appointments,
     you can easily manage your schedule by choosing the right color for your appointments!

     As it provides diary and photo display functionality,
     you can record a cute daily life log as if it were an album♡

    °+♢ you work in an office♢+°
     Manage your work and private appointments perfectly
     by recording important work meetings and appointments(・ω・*)

    °+♢If you are a mom♢+°
     Keeping track of the schedules of the whole family can be difficult!(・ω・`)
     This application allows you to enter appointments easily by color-coding them,
     so that even the usually hectic childcare tasks can become colorful and fun♡

    °+♢If you are a student♢+°
     Manage school appointments and friends’ appointments using this cute application!
     It can also be used to manage your part-time jobs and job interviews,
     making the management of school life much more fun.


    This application also provides many other features.

    ♢Main basic functionality♢
    Featuring basic appointment creation functionality, this application also
    allows you to write memos easily, and it is extremely handy for managing tasks.

    You can also enter other information to suit your lifestyle ♪,
    such as the expected date of your next menstrual cycle.

    ♢Automatic import of photos♢
    As the list page displays the photos taken on a particular day
    you can keep a record in your diary of even the most trivial events.
    This allows you to easily keep even your smallest of memories♡

    Moreover, it also allows you to display a diary
    so you can look at each day in turn as if you were looking at an album.
    We have no doubt that doing this will bring forth many wonderful memories.

    ♢You can also copy or move appointments♢
    There’s no problem even if the day of your appointment is changed.
    Simply slide the appointment to the new date.
    You can enter urgent appointment changes or irregular appointments
    extremely easily(*´∀`*)

    ♢You can also synchronize with other calendars♢
    This is a schedule application that allows you to import appointments from standard calendars and other calendar applications so you can manage them all centrally.
    It also allows you to display and operate your Google calendar.
    Even if you delete the application by mistake,
    you can rest assured as this application can also be used easily as a backup.
    This is a schedule organizer application that allows you to easily import appointments from your Google calendar
    and other calendar applications so you can manage them all centrally(*´ω`*)
    Even if you delete the application by mistake,
    you can rest assured as this application can also be used easily as a backup♡+°


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     and “Petatto Calendar,” an easy-to-use calendar application that allows you place stickers around easily♪
     These applications are being used by more than 1.2 million people.

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