Don't have Internet access all the time or data plan is too expensive?

    In these cases you maybe download mails and RSS feeds while there is a (cheap) Internet connection so you can read them later while offline. But they may contain interesting links which you must memorize or somehow note until you can look them up.

    CollectUrls is a simple utility to help here. After installation when you click a link you can choose to "open" it with CollectUrls which doesn't really open it but only records it.

    Later you can run the CollectUrls app to see a list of the recorded links and open them with the real browser.

    There are also options to remember which browser you used to open the links and to automatically pass-through the links (instead of recording them) if you currently have a Wi-Fi or mobile phone connection (for this feature the application needs the permission to read network state).


    I created the app for my personal use, so do not expect many updates or bug fixes.

    Opening a link may fail for some target applications (known for Plume). I couldn't find out yet why this happens.

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