.Color is an color swatches application. Recording the 140 color for WEB design and 267 color of JIS Z 8102:2001. You can compare the compatibility of all colors in between the colors. In addition, you can compare the compatibility with each other all the colors of background and text colors.This application has a paid version(.Color) and free version(.ColorFree), Free version(.ColorFree) will appear ad in the screen.

    2.1-Color category screen
    You can choose a color category from one of three categories. "Color list screen" will be displayed when selected.
    [1]Englsh Color ( 122 colors )
    [2]Japanese Color ( 145 colors )
    [3]Web Color ( 140 colors )

    2.2-Color list screen
    Color code list of each category will be displayed. "Color palette screen" will be displayed when you select a color.

    2.3-Color palette screen
    You will be able to compare the compatibility between selected color and other colors. In addition,you can compare the compatibility of background and text colors by comparing color touch.

    3-How to use
    [1]Please select a category from the three color categories.If you select a category, "Color list screen " will be displayed.
    [2]When you select a color in the color list "Color palette screen" is displayed.
    [3]You can compare the compatibility of color in the color palette screen. Color comparison space at the bottom of the screen can be scrolled vertically.
    [4]By touching the "comparison color", you can compare the compatibility of background and text colors.

    [1]Displayed colors depends on the "image of individuals with respect to color" "display for the terminal performance", "your environment".[2]Problems and requests We will correspond as much as possible. However, hardware specifications for the terminal, OS, due to the environment, we may not be supported. In that case, sorry.

    5-Supported OS
    [1]Android 2.1(Eclair)以上

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