Coloring Book 121 Screens




    It is a free tool for kids who loves to draw.
    It is a super rich photo editing and drawing application, optimized for Android mobile and tablets.

    Unleash your creativity with this app. 121 objects for coloring for Android delivers the powerful toolset and streamlined user interface.

    121 objects coloring book transforms your mobile or tablet into a powerful learning sketchbook for your kid.

    Major Features:

    -2 level of Sliders for Tools and color/background selections
    -Option to hide Sliders to get more drawing space
    -16 color brushes
    -Select the image for editing out of 121 super color rich images
    -Various effects for your painting
    -Tablet support
    -Kids mode: color and brush size changes randomly
    -zoom in/zoom out various parts of the drawing
    -share your work with the world via facebook, gmail, etc
    -Save the painting to external storage

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