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    Totem Global Help Travel SOS Safety App for Teenagers/Women/Travellers ---like a virtual bodyguard
    Assocham Award winner 2013
    mobile smartphone technology ---Enter country to start please ......u may change country by changing registration settings
    global helpline for travellers with emergency helpline numbers of police and hospitals of all countries--
    Whistle sound----press again to mute
    also can call experts for advise consultancy ----separate charges apply for such requirements

    gradually city wise help line numbers and alerts will be added

    help share to facebook totemsos share location and share to friends also added

    Life is like a traffic light
    Miss the red light and u are sure to hit the bucket
    When the yellow is blinking I am in safe mode but not sure what may happen next
    When I am in red light emergency mode need SOS help asap
    When I green life is normal

    Red –emergency mode -dial 100/911 and transmit gps location ,take photo every ten second, record audio and share and share red SOS mode to facebook ,also to global helpline

    Yellow---safe mode-----transmit my gps location once in a minute and share safe yellow mode to facebook and to my pre filled emergency numbers

    Green ---secure mode -----back to normal –all fine ---secure mode ------in case red or yellow was pressed pressing green will retransmit on facebook and sms to prefilled numbers that all is fine
    With many women working now and also spending time away from family or travelling alone across the city to a party or across the globe to make a sales presentation theres need for an app like this which uses technology to identify risks ,inform the user and provide methodologies to user to enhance her safety security

    Safety security of women in a shopping plaza,taxi a mall or a friends farmhouse or simply shopping on a street or hiking to adventurous destinations presents a complex risk analytics scenario since it depends on the womens color, features, dressing, culture, confidence, poise in addition to the surrounding scenario rather a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors coupled with time place geometrics .also contributing factors can be persons internet habits on facebook twitter ,psycho social paradigm …..alll of us as human beings have desire to be hep trendy and cool but finally our actions are not isolated and could interact with others which may lead us into a difficult situation .

    In the long run will be partnering with various police organisations, NGOs,media companies and man guarding companies to be able to provide timely help in times of a crises


    Introduction and background: Women are not safe anywhere in world, until the thinking toward women doesn't change, unless the respect towards women doesn't come. In many cities around the world, women and girls still have a lot to worry about when it comes to their personal safety.
    The nature of Women & Girls Safety related problems have changed with the changing mores, moral values and norms in our society especially in a overgrowing and over changing metropolitan cities due to rapidly changing life style. The menace is rampant and growing steadily. The Government statistics of Violence against Women is simply a tip of the iceberg and hence a lot needs to be done by addressing this issue more effectively and aggressively.
    totem whistle ,totem torch flashlight and totem sos for women and totem global traveller sos are the series of 4 SOS safety apps launched by totem
    columbine high school shooting preventer app
    eyewitnesses may share picture and video evidence with law enforcement during a large-scale disaster or terrorist attack

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