Compass Pro+DualGradienter+Car




    Cloud95 Compound Compass Pro + Dual 2 Axis Gradienter + Car HUD(Head-Up Display) reverse compass

    If your compass abnormally work! Please write down the Model Name what be showed on APP start, then notice us. We shall FIX it ASAP! Thank your assistance very much!

    First Compound Compass include Reverse Compass function for car HUD to front window:
    Top of phone is directional antenna。Place your phone under car's front window,the top of phone must point at car head then compass show the right direction;but the words of inverted image on front window are upside down,hard to identify!
    Reverse Compass function use the Tail of phone as directional antenna to support car HUD to front window,easy to read!

    1. Left Top Button:Lock / Unlock
    Lock:Real time measuring state
    Unlock:Lock measuring state
    2. Left Bottom Button:Reverse / Normal
    Reverse:Normal mode,the Top of phone is directional antenna
    Normal:Reverse mode,the Tail of phone is directional antenna
    3. Compass pointer:RED tip show North
    4. Central Top white words with black background:show the direction of phone, and the angle with North
    5. Green bubble circle:Dual 2 Axis Gradienter
    6. Right Top RED words with WHITE background:FORWARD / BACKWARD tilt angle of phone
    7. Right Bottom BLUE words with WHITE background:LATERAL tilt angle of phone
    8. Right Second Icon:Car body lateral tilt indicator
    9. Right Third Icon:Car body rise / down tilt indicator
    10. Right Central Button:Day/Night mode switch
    11. Right Bottom Button:GPS Enable/Disable switch
    12. Right Central Upper Button:Marker mode switch
    13. Right Bottom Button:Click Camera、Compass Icon to switch mode
    14. Volume +:Zoom In
    15. Volume -:Zoom Out

    Tags: antenna compass , 數位羅盤

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