ContactNotes for Tablets

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    ContactNotes allows easy entry and retrieval of notes; with the easy entry notepad and handwriting and drawing capability.

    Multiple picture and sound files could be attached to the notes; follow up appointment scheduling could be entered, which is reflected in the Google calendar.

    To allow flexible organization of notes, companies could be entered as well as specific departments, divisions or matters or whatever sub-units are applicable. Contacts could now be assigned to these units, under which the notes are organized.

    Flexible retrieval is provided to sort, search or filter according to contact, matter, company, time period, subject, as well as general multi-field searches.
    Note sharing is provided using email, SMS, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. depending on the availability of the client apps on the device.

    • Easy notes taking, appointments, and reminders
    • Schedule directly into Google Calendar
    • Attach Picture and Sound to Note (Devices with Camera and Microphone)
    • Handwritten Notes and Drawing (Android Honeycomb 3.0 and above)
    • Send notes by SMS, EMAIL, etc.
    • Contact Management
    • Company Management
    • Export Excel Notes, Contact
    • Full search, sorts and Filter on Notes, Contacts and Companies

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